Our Story

MayaBella’s began as a dream of a local pizza establishment & is quickly becoming not only a favorite pizza joint among locals, but the go to restaurant for quality food, quick service and affordable dining with a smile.

Established in 2013, MayaBella’s has quickly made a name for itself by constantly striving to make the best food, and provide the best service, all at a reasonable price.

MayaBella’s Mission

Here at MayaBella’s our mission is to serve a community, not just food. Food is our main vehicle to serve and we strive to give you high quality food at an affordable price, but it is the community of people that make MayaBellas’s what it is today.

Here are the ways we strive to accomplish our mission:

  • To treat each customer as a vital part of the community
  • To provide quality food at an affordable price
  • To present a clean environment for your dining experience
  • To be honest and compassionate, even if we disagree
  • To never quit trying to enhance your experience
  • To give back to the community where we are located

Our Crew

We take pride in serving every single customer that comes to MayaBellas. Our energetic crew members have a passion to provide a memorable experience that will leave a lasting impression. We are excited to part of a growing downtown Salisbury and hope to see you soon!